thinking...? dreaming?...

I was thinking why I am always trying to clean the dust from everything that I feel close to it..
why I keep asking deep questions to the hearts that I totally have feelings I deserve the answers from it?..
I am confused in this situation why I keep writing to you,, is it because I love to feel your smile from your cute face with that beautiful hair falling on it ?..
or because I know that from your smile right now the world will show me the happiness and the power from your spirit..
should I confess to you I couldnt stop thinking of you even without seen or feel your breathing alive and soft laugh with it..
or should I confess to you I always wanted to spend all the time holding your arms looking to your eyes,, feeling your heartbeat going faster and faster touching your fingers with sweet diamond ring on it..
yes I will keep trying to clean the dust from anything I feel close to it...

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