Goodbye 2010

   This year was an interesting one. I made some of the best friends & met some wonderful people. I found out which few people really were true friends & those who weren’t. I realized what sort of people I wanted to associate myself with & found out who I really was.
   So many things happened in the tiny space of a year. I feel as though each year gets a little shorter as we get a little older.
   2010 was a great year with so many ups & only a few downs, but 2011 will be so much better, I think... 
I’ll make sure of that!
   Tonight I spent well the new year with my sweeeet cousin, Valeria :)  We drank champagne and poured down but "nu`i niiiica, glavna sanatate s shie". So, we have a good time, don`t want to write everything we did `cause I'm tireeed but the most important is that everything is goood, and we n`am intrat in butilca ca sa nu putem iesi :)) 
   So...happy new year, again... I don`t anymore resist, my eyes are closing and iiiii go to sleep on a few hours :) 

weeell, all the best for you :*


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